5 Element acupuncture helps bring balance

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Karns, who has a gentle, counselor-like demeanor that put me at ease, integrates Five Element (“5E”) acupuncacu2ture and traditional Chinese medicine to help address acute pain or other symptoms and bring clients closer to their optimal health. The five elements are earth, metal, water, wood and dire, and each has a unique set of strengths and potential challenges. “In 5 Elements, it’s thought that at some point in birth or childhood, we develop a constitutional weakness in one of the five elements, and that weakness is the true cause of all our illnesses,” say Karns […] “By directly treating that particular element, we’re treating the root of the problem and thus all presenting symptoms will fade away.”

Karns specializes in women’s health and fertility, through she regularly works with men and women in all stages of life.

My first appointment started with an hour-long consultation, during which Karns asked me questions that ranged from my daily eating habits […] to childhood memories […]

I was rather shocked to feel, or more accurately, not feel, most of the needles as they went into my skin. I felt a slight pressure, but no the actual “stick” I expected. Draining toxings from the body through crefully placed needles arnd employing a technique called moxibustion are key components of the 5E practice. Moxibustion involves placing a gragrant herb called Artemesia vulgaris on a key point on the body and setting a spark to it, leeting it smoke just to the point of warmth before removing. The treatment is designed to warm and tone targeted organs, allowing them to operate more optimally. […]

“When we heal the root cause of our illness, we are able to manifest our full potential,” Karns says summing her philosophy. “And, expressing our fullest potential is true health.”

Read the full article in Simply Buckhead May/June 2013.
Story: Jennifer Bradly Franklin


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