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“I had sciatic pain and was getting electrical charges down my leg with continual muscle twitching.  The pain was severe and my leg felt like it was burning.  I was only sleeping an hour and a half per night and could not wear long pants or even shoes.  I was a bit nervous to try acupuncture but the medical industry was not helping my condition.  A friend recommended Jessi.  Best move I could have made.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine was the right choice for me.  Jessi helped me more than the three medical doctors I was seeing combined.  In the very first session she stopped my leg from twitching.  Now I am able to sleep through the night and have almost no pain at all.  I tell everyone about my experience and how doctors couldn’t help, but my acupuncturist did.  I am a firm believer now that I have experienced the healing power of acupuncture.”