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As a practitioner of Five Element Acupuncture, I am always tuning in to nature’s seasons and noticing how they reflect and guide our own inner lives. Through observing animals and plants and the cycles they go though, we can learn so much about how to live in harmony with the earth and the energies of life.

The seasons can give you clues and insight into how you’re feeling. Right now, in the middle of spring, which is represented by the element of wood, we are releasing the pent-up energy we stored in winter. We are motivated and goal-oriented (spring cleaning, anyone?). Within the death of winter is the seed of birth (the yang within the yin), which is now bursting forth with sudden energy (think of a seedling bursting through a sidewalk crack). Spring can be compared to an efficient, “type A” person—motivated, clear, and, if out-of-balance,  inflexible and easily irritated.

When you start living from the philosophy of Five Element Acupuncture, you can begin to see the  cycles in things: a day, a week, a year, and all of life. It is much easier to approach the painful things in our lives when we understand that they won’t last forever, and we can more fully appreciate the beauty in our lives for the same reason. Just as we cannot define light without dark, we cannot have happiness without sadness, freedom without pain, and so on.

So enjoy the spring, and notice the exciting things starting to bloom in your life!

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