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“I came to see Jessi after having infrequent periods and being diagnosed with PCOS. Jessi was so knowledgeable about women’s reproductive health issues, and got my body back on track! After seeing her regularly, my periods became regular and I began ovulating. Not only was my endocrine system balanced, but I also began sleeping better and experienced less stress. She is the best acupuncturist in Atlanta!!
— S.F.

Jessi is amazing. In a matter of six months she completely changed my life. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. Goes above and beyond to explain things and truly give you an understanding of what is going on with your body. Highly recommend her services.
— S.D.

I went for acupuncture to prepare for and recover from a major orthopedic surgery.  Jessi treated me for pain and swelling following the surgery, so I did not require narcotics for pain control.  She helped manage my anxiety about the procedure, in addition to improving my sleep.  I felt Jessi was invested in my health, not just my acute concerns, but in helping me improve my overall wellbeing.  She is knowledgable and skilled in assessment and treatment.  Jessi has a calm, professional demeanor and it was comforting to go through a major medical event and know that she was managing my care.  I saw weekly improvement and my surgeon was surprised and impressed by my recovery time.
— L.G.

“I had sciatic pain and was getting electrical charges down my leg with continual muscle twitching.  The pain was severe and my leg felt like it was burning.  I was only sleeping an hour and a half per night and could not wear long pants or even shoes.  I was a bit nervous to try acupuncture but the medical industry was not helping my condition.  A friend recommended Jessi.  Best move I could have made.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine was the right choice for me.  Jessi helped me more than the three medical doctors I was seeing combined.  In the very first session she stopped my leg from twitching.  Now I am able to sleep through the night and have almost no pain at all.  I tell everyone about my experience and how doctors couldn’t help, but my acupuncturist did.  I am a firm believer now that I have experienced the healing power of acupuncture.
— E.P.

“I love acupuncture and always have from the moment I had my first treatment.  My treatments changed and were even more amazing when I started seeing Jessi.  She is so knowledgeable and a natural intuitive.  She always finds the places my body needs the needles the most.  She is so open and giving and her consultations before every treatment are so thorough.  I always left in a much more healed and balanced place.  She is a confident and gifted healer all in one.  Simply the best!!!
— K.S.

“I came to see Jessi for weight loss and anxiety.  She made me feel comfortable, answered all my questions and addressed my concerns.  Jessi is the most wonderful acupuncturist.  She made me fall in love with the treatments and the care I received from her was amazing.
— M.I.

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“I highly recommend Hannah for treatments. She is very knowledgeable and professional. From my First Treatment I felt improved from Her Technique. If you need Health & Healing please ask for Hannah’s guidance.”
— M.K.



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